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Dell Dimension 4400

This thing cost £99 and was purchased from Cash Generator complete with the LCD display, keyboard, mouse and speakers, sometime around 2011.

When the video card died, I bought a new CPU and some RAM to use along with the new GPU. The GPU and the extra RAM worked fine, but the new, faster chip proved too hot for the puny heatsink and caused the system to unexpectedly turn off a minute or two after booting.

CPU Intel Pentium 4 (Willamette) @ 1.7GHz
GPU PNY GeForce 6200 AGP
RAM 1GB + 512MB
HDD Maxtor DiamondMax 40GB
OS Windows XP & XUbuntu
Monitor Dell E151FPb LCD
Geekbench Scores
Single Core 498
Geekbench Browser Link

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