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Apple Macbook (Early 2008, Polycarbonate)

A1185 | Macbook 4,1

My first Macbook! Pleasantly surprised by how nice it feels for its age, just a shame it can't run anything newer than Lion thanks to the iGPU drivers.

Jul '19: Top case (Keybd/Touchp/Pwr) flex cable replaced Sep '19: Top case (Keybd/Touchp/Pwr) flex cable replaced

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T8100
GPU Integrated
HDD WEIJINTO 128GB SSD (“upgraded” from Fujitsu 120GB)
OS Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion
Display 13.3“ 1280×800 Glossy TN - AUO B133EW01 V0
Geekbench Scores
Single Core 927
Multi Core 1556
Geekbench Browser Link

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