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ASUS Vivobook X556UB

Full SKU: ASUS Vivobook X556UB-XX039T

My primary laptop, although it's too bulky to really take with me anywhere. Honestly, I regret getting this thing; at the time I cared more about how much power I could get for the price rather than things that actually matter like build quality and the screen (both of which are substandard on this machine).

CPU Intel i5-6200U
GPU Nvidia GeForce 940M
RAM 4GB (4GB down + 4GB Hynix SODIMM)
SSD Sandisk 480GB (Originally 1TB Seagate HDD)
OS Ubuntu Budgie
Display 15.6“ 1366×768 Glossy TN - LG LP156WHB
Geekbench Scores
Single Core 3521
Multi Core 6952
Geekbench Browser Link

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