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Hello! You probably got here by visiting `fishys.space.` This domain is just for my selfhosted stuff and things (for example, this Wiki!). I'm not sure what else to put here, but here are the devices in my network and their specifications:

HPE Proliant ML330 G6

A tower server I picked up from eBay as an upgrade from my single Raspberry Pi.

CPU Xeon E5606
OS Proxmox VE
PSU Seasonic S12-II 520W
(“upgraded” from the original Delta 460W since it was so loud)
240GB Crucial BX500 (2) 2TB WD Black, in RAID 0

It runs most of the applications on the network, such as this Wiki, UNMS, GitLab and Emby. I'm aware RAID 0 is pretty risky, but I'm paranoid so I try to keep on top of my backups.


I use my 3B as my reverse proxy (you're accessing this Wiki through it!). It also serves as a general miscellaneous web server and a platform for some small Discord bots.

Zero W

I only have the W since the regular 0s were out of stock. I use this to run Pi-hole, which blocks ads on my network through DNS.

EdgeRouter X

It's got more power than I need, but I enjoy the flexibility it offers. Also, it's bloody tiny!

EdgeSwitch 24 Lite

*Way* overkill for my needs, but it ensures I won't need to buy a new switch for a good few years at least. I'm gonna have a bit of fun messing with VLANs (don't really need 'em but why not?)

Asus RT-AC1200G+

Previously my primary router, I picked up the 1200G+ since it had a comprehensive interface and was relatively cheap while not being super awful. It is now my access point.

Superhub 2

This is just the modem my ISP (Virgin Media) supplies, not that interesting. My connection is 200/10 FTTC.

You may hold some interest in my [homelab blog posts](https://trobinson.me/archive/c/#homelab)

If you want to get started on your own homelab, I recommend /r/homelab and their excellent wiki. You almost certainly shouldn't take my anything listed on this page as a recommendation - I just about know what I'm doing myself!

Looking for the old fishys.space homepages?

[Here you are!](https://fishys.space/old/)

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