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Line 2: Line 2:
 ## Install Fish   ## Install Fish  
-<code>+<code bash>
 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fish-shell/release-3 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fish-shell/release-3
 sudo apt update sudo apt update
Line 10: Line 10:
 ## Set as default shell   ## Set as default shell  
-<code>+<code bash>
 usermod -s /usr/bin/fish tom usermod -s /usr/bin/fish tom
Line 22: Line 22:
 ## Install omf   ## Install omf  
-<code>+<code bash>
 curl -L https://get.oh-my.fish | fish curl -L https://get.oh-my.fish | fish
 </code> </code>
Line 29: Line 29:
 ## Bob the fish theme   ## Bob the fish theme  
-<code>+<code bash>
 omf install bobthefish omf install bobthefish
 </code> </code>
Line 35: Line 35:
 ## Config (in conf.d) ## Config (in conf.d)
-<code aliases.fish>+<code bash aliases.fish>
 alias yt4="youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio[ext=m4a]/best[ext=mp4]/best' --verbose -i --continue --no-mtime --newline --console-title --sleep-interval 3" alias yt4="youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio[ext=m4a]/best[ext=mp4]/best' --verbose -i --continue --no-mtime --newline --console-title --sleep-interval 3"
 alias yt3="youtube-dl -f 'bestaudio[ext=mp3]/best[ext=mp3]/best' --verbose -i" alias yt3="youtube-dl -f 'bestaudio[ext=mp3]/best[ext=mp3]/best' --verbose -i"
Line 41: Line 41:
 alias nf="neofetch" alias nf="neofetch"
 alias apti="sudo apt install" alias apti="sudo apt install"
 +alias gimmie="sudo apt install -y"
 alias aptu="sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" alias aptu="sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade"
 alias rm="rm -v -I" alias rm="rm -v -I"
 alias m="sudo mount /media/tom/proliant/raid/" alias m="sudo mount /media/tom/proliant/raid/"
 </code> </code>
-<code theme_settings.fish>+<code bash theme_settings.fish>
 set -g theme_display_user yes set -g theme_display_user yes
 set -g theme_display_hostname no set -g theme_display_hostname no
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