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-====== Locomotives/EMUs/DMUs ====== 
-===== Hornby Class 50 'Leviathan' ===== 
-{{ :modelrail:w:hornby-r3653-class-50.jpg?200|}} 
-I have a fondness of the BR liveries and colour schemes so there's no way I'd get this in any other livery. 
-Hornby R3653 
-===== Freighter ===== 
-{{ :modelrail:w:bachmann-class-37-hattons.jpg?200|}} 
-Looking at the Bachmann Class 37 here since I like the "noses" on 'em 
-===== Shunter ===== 
-{{ :modelrail:w:hornby-class-08-oliviastrains.jpg?200|}} 
-Still undecided here, but an adorable little shunter for rolling stock would be neat. Eying the Class 08s mostly