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brexit lyrics

Got bored and Brexified some random songs

[London Traffic by The Jam](https://youtu.be/0EAwcZLr8DA)

Brexit (The Jam - London Traffic).txt
Brexit troubles (state of confusion)
Brexit troubles (blocking our progress)
Brexit troubles (going nowhere)
Brexit troubles (polluting our thoughts)
Look round Britain in a car
Don't really want to go far
So many cars fill the streets
Wonder why we bother at all
Brexit promotions, were a problem
Brexit promotions, too many lies
Funding the NHS seems very neat
Misleading billboards line the streets
No one knows the answer
No one seems to care
Take a look at the government
Take our vote elsewhere
Leave the country free from Brexit
Give the place a chance to survive
Dirt and filth live in London
Give it a chance to breath again
# tomr.me March 2019 #

Saturday's Kids - The Jam

Brexit (The Jam - Saturday's Kids).txt
Saturday's boys live life with stress
Vote in the polls and wait for Brexit results
Afternoon study in the library - whoops, funding's gone - no more books!
Saturday's girls work in Tesco's and Woolworths
Wear cheap perfume cause its all they can afford
Work extra hours to pay the rent, Benifits cancelled by men in suits
Saturdays kids play without certainty
They never win but that's not the point is it?
The small majority's all that matters; will of the people
How about that - far out man!
Their mums and dads vote for less taxes
Underpaid NHS workers, nan dies early
What goes on - what goes wrong
Save up their money for a holiday,
Outside of the EU or in the countryside
Think about the debts - when they'll settle down
Sit doing nothing, job market's gone
These are the real people that May has forgot
Not given a thought - its the system -
Hate the system - what's the system?
Saturdays kids live in council houses
Wear second-hand shirts and ripped up trousers
Drive diesels; told they're good
Now paying a fee - for emmissions of course!
# tomr.me March 2019 #
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