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 +{{ :user:marti:cloudy-doggo.png?nolink&200|}}
 {{ :user:marti:cloudy-doggo.png?nolink&200|}} {{ :user:marti:cloudy-doggo.png?nolink&200|}}
 ====== Martí Sesé ====== ====== Martí Sesé ======
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 Hiya! Hiya!
-It'me, the catalan user of this wiki. I play with my Switch, PS4, or you may find me just playing Pop'Music.+You may know me from a Discord server called NovusNetsky or SL. I'm mainly just a 17 year old autistic boy who likes Pop'and playing with the Switch.
 If you need to get in touch with me, have these: If you need to get in touch with me, have these:
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